Toil & Trouble

Toil & Trouble

I spent this afternoon setting up that blog for my friend. I also used the time to try troubleshoot some issues that I had noticed in the backend of my site, so I backed everything up, wiped the files and loaded a pristine copy. It seems to have fixed all the hassles. If there are any links to local files in old posts, and you get a 404 – that’s why.

I used the brand new pristine blog that I created to test out a whole bunch of themes, and check their compatibility with probably my most important plugin – Spam Karma 2. It turns out quite a few of them had buggered up comment pages which were incompatible, so a quick copy of the default theme’s comments.php seems to have sorted those issues out. Man, it took a long time to test all those themes. I also got rid of a few that were showing blatant errors.

Unfortunately for me, after applying some really nice looking themes, I discovered some issues – for example, with one particular theme, if I used the ‘previous entries’ link, it just kept displaying the same posts, even though the url was changing. Pity, it was damn nice.

My first newly selected theme – Binary News had some display issues with my markdown plugin. For some reason there were no line breaks between paragraphs etc, and it was annoying me. Turns out the theme author had set “margin: 0 0 0px 0” inside the style.css for some bizarre reason. Commenting that out fixed it. I decided not to stick with that particular theme however, for no particular reason.

Wow, I don’t think I’ve posted this often on my blog ever. :-p
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