Traffic Lights? What Traffic Lights?

Traffic Lights? What Traffic Lights?

I just love the level of driver education in this country.

The law says that if a traffic light is not working properly, there are certain things you should do. For example, if a traffic light is flashing yellow, you should treat the intersection as if a yield sign was posted. If the traffic light is flashing red, or not working at all, you should treat the intersection as if a stop sign was posted.

Now that’s basic information during driver education. You learn that when you get your learner’s license.

From what I’ve seen, I don’t think many people have licenses at all. Or if they do, they were probably purchased from some unscrupulous individual, because there are so many people who do not appear to know this basic information.

I often see non-working traffic lights on my route to work. Every few months, the same ones break down, and it usually takes a week or two to repair them. It never fails to amaze me when I see how drivers treat non-functioning traffic lights: The lights just don’t exist for most people; They don’t even slow down.

One day I’m going to be rewarded by witnessing two like-minded individuals navigating the same intersection at the same time. I’ll stop my car, walk up to each smoking wreck, and laugh at each driver in turn. Then I’ll get in my car, and drive away. Emergency services be damned. A Darwinian ending is all that those gene-pool rejects deserve.

And I’ll just laugh… and laugh…

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