Trials and more trials

Trials and more trials

I don’t know who or what I’ve pissed off lately, but things have just not been going my way.

I’m so tired of problems. I don’t know if I can take much more of this.

I’m not sure exactly where things started to go wrong, but the break-in a few months ago tends to stand out in my mind. Fortunately the insurance came through for me (if a bit on the slow side), and they paid out a bit more than entirely necessary.

Then the 6 day power failure, which was rather horrendous when it came to my OSA. And then some twit goes and drives through my front wall. The insurance company dropped the ball on that one, because they believed the company that they assigned to repair the problem, when they said that the slabs that make up my precast wall are no longer available. So the insurance company paid out some cash, and left me to my own devices. Fuck. So I phoned the walling company that the other company said they had spoken to. They came out, and said, sure we can fix your wall. The slabs that are needed are some of their most popular, so they always have stock. My wall was fixed the next day.

Then the drains blocked. So I called the insurance company’s help line for a referral for a decent plumber. They give me a number, and I nearly swallowed the phone when I spoke to them and found out how much they charge. Fortunately while I was choking, my other phone rang, and it was the insurance company – they said that they had taken a look at my file, and the blocked drain was covered, so I could get the problem fixed for free. Luck.

And this afternoon, my kids somehow managed to block their toilet. ARGH! I just can’t win.

At least all the current problems are fixed now – and fortunately I’ve had some luck with getting stuff fixed – but I can really do without this added stress, what with the things going on at work. – Oh – and according to our HR department, myself and my remaining colleage are officially in our notice periods. By 1 August, we will be outsourced and transferred to another company. Lovely.

All the while our boss keeps telling us that it’s only a possibility, and it may not happen. I just wish all this shit would get resolved now.

Anyway, I apologise for any incoherence in my post. I’m too tired to be doing this really. :-p

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