TSClient 6.0.6000 sucks ass

Got this new tsclient as a windows update. What a piece of shit. “More secure” seriously, who gives a rats ass? Now, instead of typing a server name and clicking connect and being presented with that machine’s login screen, I’m now presented with a little popup where I have to enter connection credentials so stupid tsclient can try automaitcally log you in to the machine Nice idea, however if you’re not using the Microsoft client on the machine (like the Netware client, for example) it seriously fucks you around. Now instead of having a relatively simple login, you now have to clear the “domain not found” error message, unset the “workstation only” check box, switch to the windows login tab, change that to your own user id, change the domain from local machine back to the domain, and finally log in. What a crock of shit. Thanks for fucking up yet another thing, Microsoft!