I’ve spent the last four days re-organising my blog. Changed the theme, added tags to posts – damn I’ve got a lot of drivel here… four years worth!  It’s been an interesting experience going back over my old posts, comparing what I was thinking back then to how things have turned out now.  Some of my thoughts were pretty naive, but then I’ll probably always think that when reading my old stuff.

It’s also interesting to see how my mind set has (or hasn’t) changed over the years, also considering that I have posted such cryptic crap that I have no clue now what I was on about back then.

I recently got into twitter, thanks to my big red-bearded friend. Using a plugin for the site, I have integrated the two systems – for no particular reason other than I can. If it wasn’t for Digsby, I probably wouldn’t bother with updating twitter at all anyway.