Upgrade Parade

I friggin’ hate upgrading the blog. Damn be-hatch takes awhile. Considering I have to ‘diff -br’ the live site with the new files to see what I need to replace. It’s not a straight forward process, unfortunately, since I have all sorts of anti-spam crap hooked into some of the files — Which seems to be pretty effective, by the way.

I’ve installed the new Spam Karma 2 beta for spam handling – It seems to be quite different to the old version. — Hopefully it works as well. 🙂

But… as usual, there are problems. Seems the server is missing curl, which is needed by SK2 for some mumbo jumbo… and it’s been a bitch installing it. It never rains. It pours.

Typically, there is no php-curl package in th main OS install repository. Weird how there’s source for it in the php-devel package, now isn’t it. At least some bright spark thought to add it to the contrib repo. Had the same problem with php-xml come to think of it. Another reason why I’ve tossed this friggin’ distro.

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