Welcome to 2010 - Where power outages are becoming the norm

Personal Jan 28, 2010

Although I’m not sure how great it is, yet.
So far we’ve gotten off to a fairly rocky start on the home front.

We’ve had so many power failures, it’s just not funny any more. Our local municipality (Ekurhuleni) seems to be completely unable to prevent these "faults" from occurring. Yeah, "faults". These "faults" always considerately occur right on the top of the hour. Quite amazing that.

Apart from the occasional Saturday power outage, which usually went off around 9am to come back around 3pm, we have now progressed to large outages. Yesterday, we lost power at 7am. Power returned at 6pm.  Today, the power went off at 6am. Only returned after 5pm.  Going on that schedule, I’m guessing we will be cut at 5am.

It pisses me off that these morons just cut power when they feel like it. It’s worse when I’m sleeping because of my cpap. Nothing worse than waking up because you can’t take a breath anymore.


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