Who is that lanky man?

My office building is nearby a large shopping mall, so naturally, my friend and I go over there several times a week for lunch.

The bustle of the mall varies depending on time of day and the time of the year.  There is usually a sea of random faces as you walk through the mall, but there is one particular person we began noticing, as we saw him almost every time we went there.  We called him Lanky Man.

This particular mall draws a lot of tourists. There are often foreigners with their exotic dress and accents mingling about, so one becomes almost blasé when walking around the mall. Lanky Man wasn't just another face in the crowd.  For one thing, he is very tall and very thin. Always impeccably dressed. Obviously foreign.

I don’t remember when we first noticed him, but after a few times, there was this feeling of recognition every time we spotted him, either walking aimlessly through the mall, or sitting alone at a "sidewalk" table at a small sushi shop.

Every time we see him, we speculate as to his occupation, his nationality, and why we always see him at the mall.  It’s become a huge joke. We’ve even talked about setting  up a web site with a journal of Lanky Man sightings.

It’s getting so ridiculous that I think Lanky Man has begun to notice us too. I swear he looked at us and gave us a subtle nod as we passed him in the mall today.

Who is that Lanky Man?