Wonderful Wap - NOT!

So, I’m writing this from my cell phone. Smartphones ftw.

Now, the question would be why I’m writing this from my phone? Simple answer really. My work has become extremely anal retentive – ridiculously so – about internet, particularly chat programs, so, out of spite (to myself), I have removed all chat software and my beloved firefox browser from my workstations. I now refuse to browse the internet from my workstations, unless I really, really have to.

Stupid opera mini! It has a really small edit buffer, so I had to switch to using Internet Explorer (ugh!) in the middle of writing this post. I would rather use opera mobile, but I don’t want to fork over $24 for it. As my (bad) luck would have it, it’s also the only browser that I’ve tried so far that renders the shoutbox on my other site properly. Unfortunately for me, my trial period is over now. sigh, I’m such a cheapskate!