Yet another Monday morning

Pretty quiet on the western front – so far. Well, it is 06:18, so I guess one could expect it to be pretty quiet.

While eating supper last night (had the in-laws over), we heard a screech of tires and a loud bang. We’re not quite sure what the full story is, but some dude came severely short, pranging his car in to a lamp post behind our house, about two houses up. We’re not sure if he might have hit a pedestrian. There were enough ambulances there later on.

It’s amazing how quickly a crowd springs up out of nowhere at accidents. It’s a good thing, actually, since you can (hopefully) be sure that at least one of them called an ambulance.

I can’t believe that I have to wait 12 frikkin’ weeks for a birth certificate. That’s beyond ridiculous. It’s a real pity that I don’t have any contacts to help sort it out. 🙁